How does Healthcliq help you find the right doctor?

STEP 1: Consult with a General Physician

Save time by knowing the type of doctor you're searching for on Healthcliq. You can do this by asking a general physician in your area about the specific medical procedures you will need. You can then start your filtered search on Healthcliq and connect with available doctors or health institutions.

STEP 2: Start your search

You can start your search for doctors or medical institutions once you get the recommendations from your general physician. Healthcliq provides an easy search process that allows patients to filter doctors based on specialization, location, and other available medical services. View their complete credentials to make the best decision.

STEP 3: Connect with a click

Get access to key contact details to reach a doctor or hospital. Inquire about available doctors and services to confirm if they have what you need. We recommend connecting with multiple profiles to widen your options in cases of unavailability of physicians or facilities.

STEP 4: Make an appointment

Schedule an appointment once you've confirmed that your selected doctor or hospital can cater to your needs. Healthcliq provides an online system for patients to request, book, and reschedule appointments--all in an easy-to-use platform.

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